•October ’11•

– that’s L.U.N.A.R. Revolt’s “s/t” cassette, hangin’ ’round a bob ross style painting…
there’s a few of these left, with a nice hand-drawn, hand-screened cover.
L.R. recently went into the studio with local curb-dog jeff zeigler,
splayed forth 8 tunes, and are currently working on vox in their home studio,

transcending the haste & filth of the city with some mild psychedelics & barbiturates…..

– NØ-Man & Molasses Manifesto & Phonographic Arts will be presenting the screening of
KARP: kill all redneck pricks — dec. 3rd — details TBA…

possible futures:
– Columboid – new cassette
– ShapeDENTER – new stuff
– FNU jim – solo project
– Zang Sign – “reflections”
– St.John Bouvier – “stalemate”

– also: art… if you like art, well, there’s an art show happening…

“CRAMMED PLANET: countdown to transcendent non-world”
– Atlantis: the lost bar — 1st friday – nov. 4th – nov.30th

– magick outlaw
– awesome dudes
– peaceful traveler /
wicked wanderer
– FNU jim vail
– Kerry D’noit Airbrush

“…It’s the survival of the human race, Plisskin. Something you don’t give a shit about” – Bob Hauk

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