• September ’11•

– In case you missed it the first time…
here’s the undeniably amazing review of
the now infamous
shapeDENTER “demo’o”
this demo was originally released via cdr,
interest from john carpenter has kept this
out of print until now…

stay tuned for the deluxe NØ-Man 001
re-release of this gem as a 120 minute
tape with outtakes, commentary, guest appearances…

Shape Denter “Demo’O” CDR
I always harp on how bad a lot of the cassettes we get sent in are, but in the end even the worst cassette is a higher life form than a piece-of-shit CDR. At least you have to do some minimal leg work to release a shitty cassette. The shitty CDR can just be spit out of disc burner and plopped in the mail. Shape Denter are a wacky outer space-themed band that play “cleverly” titled instrumental snippets and songs, often with cheezed-out metal guitar, slap bass, maybe a theremin…or maybe it’s just a bunch of Garage Band-recorded horseshit. They might unintentionally make a few seconds worth of actual spacerock, but it’s honestly just a half hour of bad idea after bad idea. These demos/tapes columns are really starting to break my spirit.(RK)

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