Ø June 26 Ø


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LR_LOGO_5 – L.U.N.A.R. Revolt“|||” – ep cassette release. just some mid-quality demo’d tunes release for you for FREE.
grip up on the download HERE,
or grab a TAPE in the NØ-Man store.
Next up: BNB tape…
ShapeDENTER tape/re-release
& limited edition poster.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” – Ronald Reagan

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Columboid “acapulco” – cassette and digital download… Finally this wild gem is available for aural pleasure. DO / DON’T take acid whilst enjoying this 6 shooter. but do so carefully, and with intent. check into Columboid HERE at they are still cruising along on the wingtips of their La-Soc record which came out last month as well.
L.U.N.A.R. Revolt is about to play a few more shows, and will be releasing another tape of some new jams asap.

“I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures.”Geronimo

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– Found this olde jam from 2002… Apparently sold more beer than any night
previous, and since… the record.   Chameleon — Lancaster, PA — w/ Absyrtus

– And this BLOWN out video from the other week at AUX Space – phila.
“Talking Tuffly (Pharoah’s Towel Version)”
L.U.N.A.R. Revolt just recorded (4) tunes… about to mix… stay tuned.
Columboid Cassette – “Acapulco” – available Digitally @ every digital service
you like to navigate… actual TAPE asap…

“What is that on the ground over there? Is that… a pile of hair?”Sam McPheeters

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Ø January 2Ø13 Ø

– Shows! february 1, 2, 3…
2/1 — Columboid Record Release – NYC – w/ L.U.N.A.R. Revolt – the Gutter
2/2 — Columboid / L.U.N.A.R. Revolt w/ Spacin’ & Needle Points – AUX/VOX
2/3 — L.U.N.A.R. Revolt w/ Dong Johnson & Ideal Forms – KFN

Columboid Tape up next…

“All Hail Discordia!”Malaclypse the Younger

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Ø December 2Ø12 Ø

– well, that’s one of the shittier images we could find for an exploding earth. some days it seems like such a wonderful thing to have happen…sure, the humanity… more than that, all the innocent humanity, and more than that — all the animals. soft. furry. innocent animals. and big, old, strong trees… that’s right, december 21st 2Ø12. its right up the way, so… don’t forget to party a little. we’ve got basically nothing for you. except to keep reminding you of a couple of tapes due out in the near future, a post-apocalyptic future… and the Josh Vanek Wantage USA Top List of 2Ø12, where L.U.N.A.R. Revolt makes an appearance. you can also find their LP up on the wall of Hits at the Wantage website…

“I can imagine myself on my death-bed, spent utterly with lust to touch the next world, like a boy asking for his first kiss from a woman.”Aleister Crowley

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Ø November 2Ø12 Ø

– another show for L.U.N.A.R. Revolt at kfn upstairs… not much else going on here. L.R. is recording in december, soon there will be tapes from Columboid & Bad News Bats. And in the meanwhile, check out a philadelphia based project some of us are involved in —
Philadelphia Poster Guild
30+ artists, 30+ shows, 30+ screenprinted posters over the course of the next year. support your local arts.

“What did you do to me, asshole?” – Snake Plissken

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– big business, house of lightning, l.u.n.a.r. revolt… john brondo’s — 10/1. L.R. also got a halloween gig coming up on the 26th for SGNLS INfest — at the old wherehouse, wearhouse… beaumont. be on the lookout for a phila. project featuring many philly area artists, musicians, and R5 shows… i believe it is to be called — philadelphiaposterguild
there’s all the loc-dog favorites, and some non-poster artists as well… they got – pete whitney (magick outlaw), thom lessner (1026), neil burke (mens recovery project),awesome dudes, bonnie brenda scott, the dufala bros.,jeff dentz (traction co.), etc… check it.

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” – Bob Marley

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Ø September 2Ø12 Ø

– Gotta few new releases coming up… no real timeline, but definitely soon.
we got this — Columboid “Acapulco” cassette, a wild & untamed slathering of noise and ambience perfect for candle light dinner parties. And… the Bad News Bats, with “sports” cassette. L.U.N.A.R. Revolt has a new grip of tunes they are prepping for recording.
that is all.

“A lot of people say to me, ‘Why did you kill Christ?’ I dunno, it was one of those parties, got out of hand, you know.” – Lenny Bruce

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Ø August 2Ø12 Ø

– Excelsior was a band a few of us were in from ’97-’03… matt from the web-blog-zine-review site ‘Yellow Green Red’ & phila. loc-dogs ‘Pissed Jeans’, is about to drop the only interview of this band ever released. it’s a little long-winded, redundant… not very great grammar or sentence structure, and will probably piss off a couple of people. it will definitely make us look a little stupid. but who cares… here it is (when it shows up) www.yellowgreenred.com . also, here’s a couple of sites with more extensive recordings, videos, art, & merch. – http://excelsiorphilly.bandcamp.com & http://soundcloud.com/excelsiorphilly

“Earnestness is stupidity sent to college.” – P.J. O’Rourke

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